X2Nails going from only danish to .com online store
Picture by GDJ

It is not a joke.

X2Nails is going international soon.

This means that all the good nail stuff I share with you, will be in English from now on.

I have always wanted X2Nails to go international one day.
Now the time is right.

Right now we are working on the website.
Cool! Let me signup to your newsletter!

At first we will only sell to some countries in Europe.
And then slowly take it from there.

I think it is awesome.
I hope you do to.

After three years on the danish market only.
It will be exciting to expand.

I am looking forward to it!

Stay tuned!

– Hafsa

P.S. All the social media will also soon be in english.
Awesome! I want to follow X2Nails on Facebook!

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