Danish version here: 17 Ting du ALDRIG skal gøre mod dine negle

Broken fake nails
By Aliza Farooq

I have noticed that there are a lot who abuse their nails.
And they do not even know it!

It hurts me, when I see it happening.

They can break more that you expect.
You can seriously harm them.
And the damage might last the rest of your life.

Some of these things on this list…
I have done myself.

And I have of course stopped doing them.

These things should be illegal!

Here comes my list over the 17 things you should never do to your nails.


1.     Never use your nails as tools.
They can break badly and your nails might be damaged the rest of your life.

2.     Never do cleaning or the dishes without gloves.
The chemicals from the shampoos and cleaning supplies damages your nails.

3.     Never press out zits with your nails.
You will bend them and the will get damaged.

4.     If you have a coarse nail file do not file both ways.
Always file one way.
This will prevent your nails from getting spoiled in layers.

5.     Never over-buff you nails.
Do it only once a month.
If you absolutely have to. You can buff them once a week but only buff the nails on the new nail, which has not yet been buffed.

6.     Absolutely never pull or tear fake nails off.
It does not matter if the nails are fake plastic nails, acrylic nails, tips, gel nails etc.
You should absolutely never ever tear or pull them off!
They will ruin your nails badly if not permanently.
Just follow the damn real instructions!

7.     Do not change nail polish every day.
Make sure you put it on properly instead.

Too much nail polish remover will damage your nails.

8.     Never peel of nail polish off in the shower.
I know it’s fun!
BUT have you seen the small pieces of your nails that come off with the nail polish? 
Not cool!
When you peel the nail polish of it takes a small or larger piece of the top layers of your nails.
The best way to remove nail polish is actually to let it come off on its own or by using nail polish remover.

9.     Do not put nail polish on the skin around your nails.
If you do get nail polish on the skin, then you should remove it immediately.
As a rule, keep the nail polish one mm from the skin on the nail.

10.  Never ever use fake nails, tips etc. which are too small!
You will damage you nails.
I did this a long time ago.
I got two bumps on my nail.
And it took about half a year, before they grew out.

It was so ugly!

11.  Do not bite your nails.
It is seriously too gross!
Also they get damaged.

Many women who has stopped biting nails now have “Ski jump” nails.
They break easily and does not look good at all.

If you cannot stop biting your nails by yourself then find a professional and educated nail technician. – They can help you.

12.  Please do not bite your skin off. Use a sterilized nail clipper or a nail scissor.
You know why I am telling you this one…
It hurts like crazy!

13.  Do not let your nails grow wild.
Take care of them and nourish them.
Find the form, which you like and keep it.
If you get a small cut in the nail just save it with your nail file.
If it is a big cut then just file the nail down and file the rest as well.

14.  Please make sure your nails are clean.
If you do get something under the nails.
Simply take a brush or the like and brush it out.

15.  Do not break or tear your nails on purpose.
Just use a nail clipper as little as possible and file the rest.

16.  Never fidget your nails.
It can cause the nails to become softer and they will break easily.

17.  And the last one is…
Do not remove your cuticles.
Only push them back a bit.
And clean up the excess.

– Hafsa

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