Read the danish version here: De syv steps til at sætte neglelak på – Som en professionel

Are you having a hard time putting on nail polish?
Don’t worry. I have the solution for you.

It is in the video and guide in this post.

The video is only 38 seconds long.

The 7 step guide:

1. Take out the brush while you wipe one side off in the bottle.

2. If your brush is wide then turn the thin side against the nail.

3. Put the brush on the nail one mm from the cuticle, push the brush toward the cuticle and take the brush straight down over the tip.

4. Turn the wide side against the nail, put it on the same start point, go to the side from there and straight down over the tip.

5. Repeat step 4 on the other side of the nail.

6. Finish off by sealing the nail polish by running over the edge of the nail, with the brush.

7. If you accidentally get nail polish on your skin, remove it with a cuticle pusher or a brush, immediately.

It is actually not has hard as you would think. You just need to keep your hand a little steady.

Try it!

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Lots of love

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