Legal Stuff

Yes, this is the boring stuff!

Many do not care about this kind of stuff but we are required to have it.

Being a legal company, that is.

Also, it really helps if we have a situation with one of our dear customers.
Not that we have any “situations”… but you know, legalities.

Anyways, even this being the not-so-fun part, we have tried to make it as fun and easy to read and understand.
So hopefully, everyone can understand and bear to read it.

Hope you enjoy!


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Cookie Policy
You do not really have to like cookies.

Copyright © X2Nails
Yes, it is real! Do not steal from anyone!

Privacy Policy
Who cares about this in these times, anyway?

Return Form
Do you seriously want to return a product? Really?

Return Policy
Well… if you really have to, then read our policy on return first!

Shipping Policy
You know… we actually do not just ship everywhere.

Terms & Conditions
We know nobody wants to read this but just try it. You should always know your rights!