Cookie Policy

1. What is a cookie?
2. Why cookies?
3. What are session cookies?
4. What are persistent cookies?
5. Your personal data


A cookie is not only the one you can eat, as the woman to the right is doing. The other type is a small data file, which we use.

The file is saved on your computer and keeps track of what happens under your visit on our website. It can also see when you come back to our website.

A cookie file is not a virus or a program.

Different cookies have different expiration dates.


Well… who does not love cookies?
We do and when we start eating them, we cannot stop.

But all right!

There are many reasons to why we use cookies.
But… the main reason is so the website can work properly and to see what you do under your visit.

Furthermore, cookies remember:

- If you have logged in or not.
- What you put into you basket.
- If you have been here before.
- Helps us do target marketing.
- And more of this kind.

This is to make it easier for both, you and us.

Imagine if you had to put the same product into you basket for each page change.
Now, that would suck, would it not?


We love session cookies!

There are so many different!
Like… summer-, Easter-, Christmas-, tea cookies and many more.

The session cookies we use are something different from those, I just mentioned.

Our session cookies are necessary to keep the connection between your device and our website.

If you have turned off cookies in your browser, then things like your shopping basket and customer center will not work.

When you close your browser, the session cookies are automatically deleted.


These are the cookies that will not get spoiled, even if we forget we have them in our closets.

You know, these are the once who have a long expiration date.
And they will not spoil, unless you throw them out.

Well… the persistent cookies our website saves on your device are to remember the choices you have made on our website.

It is among other things:

- The country you live in.
- Your wish list.
- If you want the website to remember your password and username.

They each have an expiration date.

You can also delete them, if you want to.
But if you do, our website will not remember your choices.


If you want to know about our privacy policy, then go to the page: Privacy Policy.