Copyright © X2Nails

1. Our Copyright
2. What is copyright?


It is not just fun and games!

Copyright is real.

And all the material on our website is copyrighted!

This means:

- No, you cannot “borrow” our pictures.
- No, you cannot take any of the texts from our blog and use them anywhere else.
- No, you cannot copy-paste any of our texts on any kind of website or for that matter, anywhere else.
- No, you cannot take our product guides and use them as your own, even if you sell the same kind of products.
- No, you cannot just take the content of our nail guides and make your own.
- No, you cannot take our videos and re-upload them somewhere else.
- No, you cannot just take our documents and copy them.


You cannot take or copy anything else.

If you steal any of our material and we find out, you will be pursued legally.

All of the pictures on this website are our own or we have the rights to use them.
Yes, it still means that you are not allowed to use them.

All the texts are written by Hafsa Farooq.
Founder of X2Nails and X2Writer.



You have no idea?

It is a law that protects the creator of a piece of work or art.
If someone steals it, the creator can choose to pursue the thief using the law.

For example, you write a poem.
You put it on your blog.
Someone finds it at “borrows” it.
They even have the nerve to remove your name from it and put their own name under it.
You somehow figure it out.

Now, you have the right to go after that person using the copyright law.

Get it?

All this material on this website… actually on most of the other websites too.
Is copyrighted, even if it does not say so!


You are not allowed to copy it!