Return Policy

1. Returns
2. Warranty
3. Withdrawal right
4. Christmas gifts exchange
5. Return form


It can happen, you know.

That you really have to return your newest nail gear.

You can either use your warranty or withdrawal right.

Which by the way is effective from day you receive your order.

- Maybe you did not like the color.
- Maybe there is a production mistake.
- Maybe… something else displeasing.

But that is ok.

We have made it easy for you to return your nail gear.

You just have to:

1. Download and fill out your return form.
2. Pay for the shipping back to us.
3. And remember to put a copy of the filled out return form in your parcel.


Not to worry.

If you receive a product with any defects from us, you need to tell us right away!

No kidding!

BUT it has to be within a year!

From the day, you receive your order.

It is your duty to document the defect on video or as a picture.
In good quality, so we easily can see the defect.


From the day, you have told us about the defect, you have 14 days, to send the parcel back to us.


You have to send it within 14 days, after telling us.

All right?

If you want to change the nail product…

It can of course only happen, if we have the product you want is in stock.

If we have run out of the product(s) in stock, we will simply pay you back the value of the product(s).

That will happen within seven workdays.
After we have received the parcel.

Notice, that you have to pay for the shipping yourself.
And we only accept insured parcels delivered to our address.


Yep, you have 30 days to use your withdrawal right.

It is effective from the day you receive your order.

If you want the total value of the product(s).

You are obliged to return the product(s) in:

- The same condition as you received it in.
- The same quantity as received it in.
- It has to be unopened.
- And you have to pay for the shipping yourself.

Have you taken the product in use; it has no value for us anymore.

Do you want to return the product anyway; you will get 0% of the products real value returned.

When you want to exchange a product, it has to be in stock.
If it is not in stock, you will get the product value refunded, within seven days.

By using this right, you are paying for the shipping yourself.

Remember that you have to ship to our address, as an insured parcel.


To qualify your order as a Christmas gift…
The order has to be placed after November 1st and given to the recipient the same year.

And of course you need the invoice as proof.

Now to the tricky part.
Which we made easy.

If you want to exchange the gift…

You have to do it no later than February 1st, the year after the purchase year.

Easy enough, right?

And something else important:

- You cannot change the Christmas gift(s) to cash.
- You can only change the gift(s) to (a) product(s) in stock.

If you want to exchange your Christmas gift(s) you have to pay for the shipping yourself.
And remember to shipping it to our address.


Well… you do need a return form, if you really want to return or change your nail product(s).

You can just go to the page: Return form and download your return form.

Yes, easy as that!