Shipping Policy

1. Shipping
2. Countries we ship to
3. Transport
4. Delivery time
5. Shipping rates


Yes, we ship all our products!

Amazing, right?

Well it is kind of mandatory, since X2Nails is an online store.

All the orders are sent within two workdays.

If you order before 14.00 or 2 pm on a workday.
We will ship your order the same workday.

Unless it is a public holiday.
To see them go to for Denmark.

Remember to it has to be this year.

As for for the time differences…

In the summertime: CEST it is +2.
And in the wintertime: CET it is +1.

Easy as that.

If you are not sure, check out the website for Copenhagen


Unfortunately, we cannot ship to all countries right away.

But we do ship to the 28 countries listed below.

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Czech Republic
6. Denmark
7. Estonia
8. Finland
9. France
10. Germany
11. Greece
12. Hungary
13. Iceland
14. Italy
15. Latvia
16. Lithuania
17. Luxembourg
18. Netherlands
19. Poland
20. Portugal
21. Republic of Ireland
22. Romania
23. Slovakia
24. Slovenia
25. Spain
26. Sweden
27. Switzerland
28. United Kingdom

We hope you live in one of these.

If you do not, you are welcome to contact us.
And we will try to find a solution.


We use different shipping couriers.

It depends on which one we have available for your country and what you choose.

Of course!

It might be that you only have one choice.

Or you might have numerous.

It all depends on your country and our availability.

We usually ship with GLS, PostNord, DPD or DAO365.

If you live in Denmark…
You can come and pick up your parcel at our address for free.


The delivery of your parcel is considered done when you receive your parcel.


If you choose your parcel to be delivered as a letter it is considered delivered when we deliver your parcel at the post office.

This option is only possible for the Danish customers.

We will not replace an order sent as a letter.
The risk is on you by choosing this option.


Depending on which country you live in.
The delivery time will be different.

To Denmark…
The fastest time will be one workday.

To Italy…
The fastest delivery time will be three workdays.

To Bulgaria…
The fastest delivery time is five days.


If you want to see the delivery time for your country, you can check it out at

It is in Danish but you can see it under each country it says: Leveringstid and the number of workdays it takes.


They are different.

For each country and each shipping option.

You will be presented with the options that are available for you.
And you can choose from that.

If you want to see them now, you can check them out at

Do note, that they are in Danish kroner (DKK).

And remember!

To have fun, while shopping.
Even when it is online!