Customer Reviews and Other Mentions


27 May 2016: Founder of X2Nails, Hafsa Farooq visited Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt in Odense to speak about entrepreneurship.

5 April 2016: Our interns had their last day at X2Nails.

9 February 2016: Our founder Hafsa Farooq, did a speech about X2Nails’ Digital Strategy at Erhvervsakademiet Sjælland in Roskilde.

1 February 2016: The Biography of our founder, Hafsa Farooq. Her first company is X2Nails.


26 December 2015: We took part in the New Year Mela in Taj Mahal.

15 December 2015: Laktossen doing a review on our Water Decals.

13 December 2015: A review by Laktossen of our awesome Neon Nail Art stickers.

11 December 2015: Laushine White Snow used to do a Christmas manicure.

28 November 2015: Lashuine Florida Blue and Lime Glos in the Dark nail polish used to do a Lead Light manicure.

20 November 2015: Tilde Bigum, a Danish Youtube star mentions out Nail art brushes as her favorites at: 5:56.

17 November 2015: Laushine Lime Glow in the Dark used to give a green glow.

13 November 2015: On of our lovely customers thanks us for excellent and quick service.

7 November 2015: Laushine Lime Glow in the Dark used at base for a Fanbrush manicure.

3 November 2015: An article about our founder Hafsa Farooq started as an volunteer mentor for 10 boys. They started up the company called S.I.D.O.

26 October 2015: X2Nails and Hafsa Farooq mentioned in an update since Hafsa volunteered as an GEW ambassador.

11 October 2015: A Stop Motion Video created by Then You Want Stop Motion starring Laushine nail polish.

6 October 2015: X2Nails nail polish used to do a Rage faces month.

5 October 2015: X2Nails was one of the sponsors of Womanity for Burma.

29 September 2015: A Review of Laushine Lime Glow in the Dark nail polish.

28 September 2015: Laushine Exclusive Black Matte nail polish used for a Monday manicure.

11 September 2015: One of our giveaways winner shows her simple and beautiful manicure.

21 August 2015: Laushine Florida Blue used to make a Pond manicure.

28 May 2015: Our Pink Love 3D Nail Wraps used to make a sweet manicure.

17 May 2015: A Review of our Laushine Exclusive Black Matte Nail Polish.

15 February 2015: DanDomain writes about X2Nails and our founders journey as a student entrepreneur.

10 February 2015: A customer happy to receive her parcel from us.

10 February 2015: Our founder, Hafsa Farooq out to tell about our digital strategy at Erhvervsakademiet Sjælland Campus Roskilde.


28 November 2014: X2Nails sponsors Womanity for Burma.

4 November 2014: Our black Laushine Glossy nail polish and black rhinestones used to make a discrete manicure.

4 November 2014: Our clear rhinestones used to make a manicure by a customer.

4 November 2014: The customer used our black and white Laushine nail polish, our nail art brushes and dotting tools, to make a cute manicure.

4 November 2014: A customer made a dotted manicure with Laushine nail polish and our dotting tools.

4 November 2014: A customer put on Laushine Glossy Nail Polish on her nails.

28 October 2014: A customer gave us five stars and praised our service with the headline (translated): “Excellent, rarely seen SERVICE <3”.

4 October 2014: A review by a blogger who is very surprised by our Laushine Glow in the Dark nail polish.

October 2014: A review on our Half Bling 3D Nail Wraps.

29 September 2014: A review on our Laushine Glow in the Dark nail polish and 3D Nail Wraps.

29 september 2014: A review of our Laushine Glow in the Dark Nail Polish.

24 September 2014: A blogger showing her products she got from us.

27 August 2014: A review with the headline (translated): “A good page with fair prices and a great amount of long-lasting nail gear”.

6 August 2014: Five stars and a review with the headline (translated): “Really satisfied!

6 August 2014: Another review by a customer who gave us five stars and a headline saying (translated): “Cannot say anything than good!

6 August 2014: Five stars from another customer with the headline (translated): “Absolutely wonderful service!!

6 August 2014: Five stars and a review from a customer starting with (translated): “Really good and fast service”.

6 August 2014:Perfect!” (translated) says a customer giving us five stars.

7 August 2014:Top quality and amazing service” (translated), says a customer and gives us five stars.  

1 August 2014: A greatly satisfied customer giving us five stars.

31 July 2014: A giveaway with Anni Jensen, sponsored by us.

27 June 2014: Pernille Haubjerg doing a giveaway with our products.

7 May 2014: Our founder, Hafsa Farooq in the paper for starting up as an entrepreneur under her education.

21 April 2014: Winner found by Anni Jensens giveaway.

15 April 2014: Giveaway with Anni Jensen on glow in the dark nail polish.

13 April 2014: Headline: “Good service, fast delivery and quality products” (translated), five stars from a customer.

11 April 2014: Five star review with the headline (translated): “Excellent website, great products”.

7 April 2014: Giveaway with Lectio Enhancer sponsored by X2Nails.

3 April 2014: Dina made a list with her top nine online shopping companies and X2Nails is on it.

8 March 2014: A product review by a beauty blogger for our Glow in the Dark Nail Polish and 3D Nail Wraps.

6 February 2014: Headline (translated): “Excellent” and five stars from another customer.

1 February 2014: A giveaway with our 3D Nail Wraps and our Laushine Glow in the Dark Nail Polish.

27 January 2014: A blogger reviews our crackle nail polish and 3D Nail Wraps.

24 January 2014: A blogger showing our Valentines nail pack.

21 January 2014: X2Nails mentioned as a sponsor of a giveaway.


15 December 2013: A giveaway sponsored by X2Nails with Crackle and Glossy Nail Polish.

7 October 2013: Five star rating with the headline (translated): “Great online shop with a great product range”.

5 September 2013: A satisfied customer thanks us for her lovely parcel

10 July 2013: Our first five star review with the headline (translated): “Great quality and fast delivery”.


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