Product guides

3D Nail Wraps

1. File your nails so they have the same shape and are free from any notches.
2. Push back your cuticles, just a little bit, with a cuticle pusher.
3. Remove oils and bacteria from your nails with a good nail polish remover.
4. Optional: Put nail polish on your nails.
5. Find the size that fits your nail the best and cut it out from the sheet.
6. Cut the Nail Wrap if you want to.
7. Put the Nail Wrap on your nail and cut off the excess, from the tip.
8. Carefully file the Nail Wraps downwards over the tip, until they are equal.
9. Apply a Top Coat to get the Nail Wraps to last longer.

Crystal Glass Nail File

1. Take the file out of the cover.
2. File your nails patiently to the shape you want.
3. It is best to file one way.
4. Never file hard it will damage your nails and the file.
5. Put the file in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes.
6. Take it out and wipe it in a towel.
CAUTION: The Crystal Glass Nail File can break if subjected to excessive pressure.

Cuticle Pusher In Wood

To push your cuticles…
1. Use an oil, cuticle cream or makeup remover to make your cuticles moist.
2. Gently push back your cuticles slightly. Never push so much that your cuticle lifts up.
3. Scrape the excess and almost transparent layer off, gently.
4. Remove the excess.
For lifting up rhinestones or studs.
5. Put on some Base- or Top Coat on a plate or the like.
6. Dip the pointy side in the clear polish and put a drop on your nail.
7. Now lift up the rhinestone or stud up with it and put it on the nail.
For lifting up a sticker.
8. Gently press the pointy side under the side of your sticker.
9. Lift the sticker up and put it on your nail.

Dotting Tools

1. Always start with a base nail polish.
If you want to do nail art.
2. Find a plate or the like and put a drop of nail polish or acrylic paint on it.
3. Dip the tip of the Dotting Tool, into the polish or paint and make dots or other art on your nails. – Remember not to press down.
If you want to put on stones or studs on your nails.
4. Dip your Dotting Tool in Top Coat or Base Coat and put a dot where you want to put your stone or stud.
5. Then lift the stone or stud up with the same Dotting Tool, before it dries and put it on your nails.
If you want to lift a sticker.
6. Take the pointy Dotting Tool and carefully press it into the side of your sticker, without ruining it.
7. Carefully lift the sticker up and put it on your nail, as you want it.
To clean the Dotting Tool.
8. Use a nail polish remover with or without acetone to remove the nail polish.

Drop Dry Nail Polish Dryer

1. Apply the nail polish you want on your nails. With or without nail art.
2. Remove the cap from the bottle and replace it with the pipette.
3. Press the plastic on the top of the pipette and let it go. Now you will have some liquid in the pipette.
4. Drip one to three drops of the liquid nail polish dryer on your nail, depending on the size of your nail.
5. Distribute the liquid over the entire nail by tilting or shaking your fingertips.
6. Wait between five to ten minutes until your nail polish dries.
When done…
7. Remember to put the cap back on the bottle otherwise the liquid will evaporate.


1. Start by putting nail polish on your nails.
2. Pour some of the glitter out on some paper or the like.
3. Put a drop of Top Coat beside the glitter.
4. Dip the tip of your cuticle pusher or a toothpick in the Top Coat and use it to lift one glitter at a time.

If you want to fill out the whole nail with glitter.

5. Do a stroke of the Top Coat, on your nail.
6. Put one glitter on the nail at a time, before the Top Coat dries.
7. Repeat step 5 and 6, until your nail is covered.

If you just want a couple of glitters on your nail.

8. Put a Top Coat on your whole nail or where you want to put the glitter.
9. Before the Top Coat dries, put the glitters you want on.

If you want to cover the whole nail with glitter.

10. Cover your whole nail with Top Coat and put your finger over some paper.
11. Pour the glitter over your nail, until it is fully covered.
12. Gently press the glitter on your nail with a stick or the like.


13. To finish off leave it as is or seal off with a Top Coat. The Top Coat might ruin the glitter effect.

Heart Shaped Toe Separators

1. Put all of your toes, except your big toe into the holes.
2. File your nails to the shape you want.
3. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher.
4. Remove the almost transparent layer, on the nails, which grows from the cuticle.
5. Clean with a nail polish remover with a tissue. Do not use cotton.
6. Put on the nail polish you want.
7. Let the nail polish dry while your toes are still in the toe separator.


Before using…

1. Put the Henna in the fridge for about one hour before use.
2. Clean your nails or skin, where you want to put the henna.
3. Take the whole cap off and remove the plastic. – This is only for the first time you use it.
4. Put the cap on again and remove the top part of the cap.

How to apply…

5. Carefully press out the henna and make the design you wish on your nails or skin.
6. If you make a mistake, remove the mistake with a cuticle pusher as soon as possible.
7. Let the henna dry for about 30 minutes to one hour.
8. Wash the henna off with water. Use as little shampoo or soap the first 24 hours, after applying.
9. You can put an oil or some cream on the henna, to enhance the color.

For a darker color…

10. Repeat step 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

To remove the henna…

12. From skin: Remove the henna by rubbing with water and shampoo.
13. From nails: Use a nail buffer to only buff the henna off or scrub the henna off with water and shampoo.

COUTION: If your skin or nails get irritated, remove the henna at once.

Nail Art Brush

1. Put a base color on your nails first.
2. Take the brush that is best suited for your nail art.
3. Dip a drop of nail polish or acrylic paint on some paper.
4. Now, dip the tip of the brush into the polish or paint.
5. Before it dries, paint on your nail.
If you used acrylic paint.
6. Remove the paint with water.
If you used nail polish.
7. Remove the polish by using an acetone free nail polish remover.
To finish your design.
8. Use a Glossy or Matte Top Coat, to protect your manicure and give it extra effect.

Nail Polish Base Coat

Before you put on Base Coat.
1. Make sure the Base Coat is blend. If not, then do it.
2. File your nails in the shape you want.
3. Push back the cuticle a little bit.
4. Put on some makeup- or cuticle remover on the white/transparent layer, by the cuticle.
5. Leave it for 5 minutes or as instructed on the packing.
6. Take a cuticle pusher and carefully scrape the thin layer off. Be careful you do not damage your nail.
7. Remove it with a tissue.
8. Take another tissue and put on some nail polish remover. Use that to clean your nails, so you remove all oils and dirt.
Applying the Base Coat.
9. Take the brush out by leaning it to one side, in the bottle opening.
10. Put the brush just by the cuticle in the middle of your nail. Push it a little against the cuticle and pull down over the tip.
11. Make sure you never touch your skin. If you do, remove it instantly.
12. When your Base Coat is dry, you can put on the nail polish you want.

Nail Polish Crackle

1. Apply any Glossy Nail Polish on your nails. It can also just be a Glossy Top Coat.
Wait for your nail polish to dry.
2. Apply your Crackle Nail Polish on your nails and see them crack.
3. Wait for the nail to dry.
4. Put on a Glossy- or Matte Top Coat to protect your manicure.

Nail Polish Glossy

After your Base Coat is dry.
1. Apply one or two layers of Glossy nail polish.
2. Make sure to apply one line in the middle and one on each side.
When your nails are all dry.
3. Apply a Top Coat of your choice to get your manicure to last longer and to protect it.

Nail Polish Glow in the Dark

1. First, prepare your nails by shaping them right, push your cuticles back and clean them with nail polish remover.

If you want your manicure to last longer…

2. Then apply a base coat and a glossy nail polish.

If you want the Glow in the Dark nail polish color to pop.

3. Apply a white glossy nail polish before the Glow in the Dark.

Now for the Glow in the Dark polish.

4. Apply two to five thin layers of Glow polish on each layer.
5. Make sure each layer it dry before you apply the new one.

To finish the manicure…

6. Simply apply an awesome top coat and let it dry.

To see the glowing effect…

7. Hold your nails under an UV-light, sunlight or other kind of sharp light in about 30 seconds, depending on how much glow polish you put on. Your nails will amazingly light up in the dark.

Nail Polish Matte

1. Apply a base coat on your nails. It may cause unevenness, if it is not applied correctly.
2. Apply a coat of your matte nail polish on your nails.
3. If you need another coat, let the first dry completely, before adding one more coat.

If you want to strengthen the nail polish.

4. Only use a matte top coat, otherwise it will ruin the effect.

Nail Polish Remover Dip-in

1. Remove the cap from the nail polish remover.
2. Put your fingernail in the hole, in the middle of the sponge.
To remove a couple of coats of nail polish.
3. Let your fingernail stay in 30 seconds and turn the bottle an entire round. Now take out your finger.
To remove glitter nail polish.
4. Put your fingernail in the bottle for one minute.
5. Turn the bottle an entire round in one direction and then turn it a in the other direction.
6. Repeat steps two to five, if necessary.

Nail Polish Remover Liquid

1. Of course, you will remove the cap first.
2. Put a cotton ball on the top of the bottle and hold it with your finger.
3. Tilt the bottle so its bottom is up until you can feel some nail polish remover on the cotton ball.
4. Press the cotton ball on your nail for 30 to 60 seconds. If you need to, you can tape it or use aluminum foil to hold it in place.
5. Now, press down on the cotton and push it over your nails tip.
6. Repeat step two to five, if needed.

Nail Polish Top Coat

Make sure your Top Coat is mixed.
1. Put nail polish on your nails with or without nail art.
2. Make sure it is dry.
3. Apply your Top Coat in three strokes. First in the middle, then on each side. Put the brush on the nail and push a little toward the cuticle and stroke it over the nails tip.
4. Let it dry.

Neon Stickers

1. Let your nail polish on your nails dry.
2. Pick up the sticker you want, with tweezers.
3. Cut them with a small scissor if necessary.
4. Place the Neon Sticker on your nail.
5. Press down gently with your finger or a cuticle pusher.
To completely seal of.
6. Simply apply a top coat.

Rhinestones & Studs

1. As always, put on the base color, you want, on your nails.
2. Make sure your manicure is dry.
3. Dip the tip of your cuticle stick, dotting tool or the like, in clear nail polish.
4. Put a small drop of nail polish on your nail, where you want the Rhinestone(s).
5. Before the polish dries, lift the Rhinestone up and put it on your nail.
If you want it to last longer.
6. Seal off with a top coat. Do note that it will properly ruin the effect.

Shine Nail Buffer

1. Remove any oils and nail polish from your nails.
2. Only use the following four steps on new nails, meaning do not use again on the part of the nail you have done before.
3. Use no. 1, to shape your nails.
4. With side no. 2, you can buff your nails gently. Once or twice is enough.
5. 3 will help you smooth your nails. You still have to be gentle.
6. And with the last side no. 4, you can buff as you feel comfortable. This step only give your nails shine.
CAUTION: Never file too hard or too often, since your nails can become weak and break.

Striping Tape

1. Cut a piece of your Striping Tape off.
If you want to use it as tape.
2. Make sure your nails are completely dry, if you have any nail polish on.
3. Place the tape on your nail and press it down.
4. Put nail polish on you nail and gently remove the tape with tweezers, before it starts to dry.
If you want to use it as a sticker.
5. Cut a piece of the tape off.
6. Place it where you want it on your nail with or without nail polish.
7. Cut the excess striping tape off.
When you are done.
8. Seal the manicure off with an amazing top coat.

Temporary Tattoos

1. Clean the area you want to add the Temporary Tattoo.
2. Cut out the Tattoo in a square of the like.
3. Remove the transparent foil.
4. Put the Tattoo on where you want it, so the design is against the skin or nail.
5. Take a wet cloth or a sponge and make the tattoos white side soaking wet.
6. Carefully press down on the whole tattoo and wait about 30 seconds, before you remove the white paper.
7. Dry the Tattoo carefully so you do not damage it.

If you want to cover it with a Top Coat.

8. Make sure the Tattoo is completely dry.
9. Apply your Top Coat.

Remove the Tattoo by…

10. Putting alcohol, olive- or baby oil on it. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and then rub the tattoo.
11. Repeat step 10 until the tattoo is completely gone.

CAUTION: Do not use on sensitive or damaged skin.

Water Decals

1. Start with the nail polish color you want.
2. Cut the feather out you want. No need to cut into details.
3. Take the transparent film off.
4. Put some lukewarm water in a small bowl and put the feather inside for 10 to 20 seconds.
5. Take the feather out, still on the cardboard.
6. Take a tweezers, lift the feather up and put it on your nail.
7. Gently press on the feather with a cuticle pusher or the like.
If there is water on the water decal.
8. Take a napkin and dub on the feather.
Finish of by…
9. Make sure your water decal is dry.
10. And seal the manicure with a top coat.