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7 Steps of appying nail polish – Like a professional | Nail Gold

Read the danish version here: De syv steps til at sætte neglelak på – Som en professionel Are you having a hard time putting on nail polish? Don’t worry. I have the solution for you. It is in the video and guide in this post. The video is only 38 seconds long. The 7 step guide: 1. Take out the brush while you wipe one side off in the bottle. 2. If your brush .

7 Biggest F*** ups – FREE Nail Guide | Nail Gold

I get a lot of questions about: How to take good care of your nails And how to get your nail polish to last longer It is actually not as hard as you would think and does not take as long, if you make it your rutine. I have gathered the seven largest mistakes that others and I have committed. Everything gathered in the nail guide. It is easy to understand, fast to get through .

17 things you should never do to your nails | Nail Gold

Danish version here: 17 Ting du ALDRIG skal gøre mod dine negle Broken fake nails By Aliza Farooq I have noticed that there are a lot who abuse their nails. And they do not even know it! It hurts me, when I see it happening. They can break more that you expect. You can seriously harm them. And the damage might last the rest of your life. Some of these things on this list… .

X2Nails going from .dk to .com | X2Nails

X2Nails going from only danish to .com online store Picture by GDJ It is not a joke. X2Nails is going international soon. This means that all the good nail stuff I share with you, will be in English from now on. I have always wanted X2Nails to go international one day. Now the time is right. Right now we are working on the website. Cool! Let me signup to your newsletter! At first we .

Neglelak allergi – hvad skal jeg gøre? | Nail Gold

Der er desværre mange der har fået allergier og kan ikke længere tåle neglelak, men det vil jeg ikke komme ind på i dette indlæg. Jeg vil hellere give dig løsningen. Hvis du vil vide hvad de syv største f*** ups lakhoveder laver i starten og hvordan du undgår dem, kan du hente min negleguide herunder. JA TAK! Lad mig hente negleguiden! 3D Nail Wraps til neglelak allergigere Nå, tilbage til løsningen for neglelak .