Black Metallic Nail Art Striping Tape 1 mm x 16 m

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Black has to be.
You have to have.

Black is something.
Everyone can use.

All the time.

No matter color.
Or design.

It can be discreet.
Or really loud.

It depends on.
How you use it.

In stock


For you.
To do nail art.
As easy as possible.


It is hard to mess up with these.
Striping tape that is!

They are even in metallic colors.

So beautiful…
So colorful…

And the best part.
You can do so much with them!


– 1 mm wide and 16 meters long.
– Can be used as tape and stickers.
– Many different colors are available

How to use Striping Tape

1. Cut a piece of your Striping Tape off.

If you want to use it as tape.

2. Make sure your nails are completely dry, if you have any nail polish on.
3. Place the tape on your nail and press it down.
4. Put nail polish on you nail and gently remove the tape with tweezers, before it starts to dry.

If you want to use it as a sticker.

5. Cut a piece of the tape off.
6. Place it where you want it on your nail with or without nail polish.
7. Cut the excess striping tape off.

When you are done.

8. Seal the manicure off with an amazing top coat.

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