Clean Fresh Nail Polish Remover Claudia Acetone free 100 ml

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If you like…


This is not only for you.

This is the nail polish remover.
Every woman needs.
And should get.


Because it considers your needs.


It might just love you.
As much as you do.

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This nail polish remover from Claudia.
Leaves your nails fresher than most.

Gives your nails a fresh.
A Clean look.

Not only is it free from acetone.
It smells nice too.

This is great to clean your nails.
Before you apply nail polish on your nails.


For removing nail polish.

It has to be!


Facts about Clean Fresh Nail Polish Remover

– Leaves your nail fresh
– Acetone free nail polish remover
– Contains 100 ml
– Really effective

How to use liquid Nail Polish remover

1. Of course, you will remove the cap first.
2. Put a cotton ball on the top of the bottle and hold it with your finger.
3. Tilt the bottle so its bottom is up until you can feel some nail polish remover on the cotton ball.
4. Press the cotton ball on your nail for 30 to 60 seconds. If you need to, you can tape it or use aluminum foil to hold it in place.
5. Now, press down on the cotton and push it over your nails tip.
6. Repeat step two to five, if needed.

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