Crystal Glass Nail File 14 cm

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You need a nail file…
That stays with you.
Is faithful to you.
For a long time.

We all do.

That is why this…
Crystal Glass Nail File…
Is perfect!

It is…
Incredibly durable.

If it becomes lazy.
You can just clean it.

It does not damage your nails…
As a metal file will.

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This Crystal Glass Nail Files surface…
Is made of mini crystals.

They are as gentle to your nails…
As you want them to be.


If you are gentle with your nail file on your nails…
Then the file will be.

It will stay longer with you.
But only…
If you treat it right.

And please do not sit on it.
It might break.

It is sensitive.

Facts about Crystal Glass Nail File

– Black and grey
– A little transparent effect
– Can be reused
– Can be washed
– Made of crystal glass
– File on both sides

How to use Crystal Glass Nail File

1. Take the file out of the cover.
2. File your nails patiently to the shape you want.
3. It is best to file one way.
4. Never file hard it will damage your nails and the file.
5. Put the file in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes.
6. Take it out and wipe it in a towel.

CAUTION: The Crystal Glass Nail File can break if subjected to excessive pressure.

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