Damaged Shine Nail Buffer Four Sided

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If you want to make your nails shine…
Remove unevenness.
Smooth them.
Shape them.

This is the most popular type nail buffer.

This is something everyone woman needs.

It is easy to use.
It does wonders.

Your nails will look amazing in no time.

Just as you have the most…
And beautiful nails!

No wonder, everyone wants it.

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These four sided Shine Buffer.
Is for both…
Professional and home use.

They are easy to use.
And they leave you with great results.

You do not have to have any experience.
Just follow the product guide.
And your nails will look amazing.

Yes, even without nail polish!

Facts about Shine Nail Buffer

– Four different sides
– 1 is to file your nails edges
– 2 is to remove ridges
– 3 is to smooth your nails
– 4 is to make your nails shine
– The inside is made of foam
– For both private and professional use

How to use Shine Nail Buffer

1. Remove any oils and nail polish from your nails.
2. Only use the following four steps on new nails, meaning do not use again on the part of the nail you have done before.
3. Use no. 1, to shape your nails.
4. With side no. 2, you can buff your nails gently. Once or twice is enough.
5. 3 will help you smooth your nails. You still have to be gentle.
6. And with the last side no. 4, you can buff as you feel comfortable. This step only give your nails shine.

CAUTION: Never file too hard or too often, since your nails can become weak and break.

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