Dark Blue Feathers Nail Art Water Decals no.1741

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They are as awesome as they look.

They are more.

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No need to paint.
Anymore feathers.

Do it the easy way.
And do it the fast.

Just by using some water.

You can get them in many different designs.
And colors.

They are not stickers.
They are more like temporary tattoos.

Just for your nails.


– Water Decals are almost like temporary Tattoos.
– Different colors and designs.

How to use Water Decals

1. Start with the nail polish color you want.
2. Cut the feather out you want. No need to cut into details.
3. Take the transparent film off.
4. Put some lukewarm water in a small bowl and put the feather inside for 10 to 20 seconds.
5. Take the feather out, still on the cardboard.
6. Take a tweezers, lift the feather up and put it on your nail.
7. Gently press on the feather with a cuticle pusher or the like.

If there is water on the water decal.

8. Take a napkin and dub on the feather.

Finish of by…

9. Make sure your water decal is dry.
10. And seal the manicure with a top coat.

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