Dip-in Express Nail Polish Remover Delicate Touch Acetone free 75 ml

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This is for you.

Is smart.
Needs it to be over as soon as you start.
Is traveling.
Does not want to waste your time.

This acetone free nail polish remover.
Will probably make you addicted to this.

Not the smell.

To its effectiveness.
We are…

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If you want an effective nail polish remover.
This is it!

This Dip-in nail polish remover…
From Delicate Touch.

Is not only effective.
It does not get messy when removing your nail polish.
It is even acetone free.

It does not damage your nails as acetone does.

So awesome!

It is ideal for you who is…
Just like cleanliness.

Facts about Delicate Touch Dip-in Nail Polish Remover

– Acetone free
– Especially good for removing glitter nail polish
– Contains 75 ml nail polish remover
– Contains a sponge

How to use Dip-in Nail Polish remover

1. Remove the cap from the nail polish remover.
2. Put your fingernail in the hole, in the middle of the sponge.

To remove a couple of coats of nail polish.

3. Let your fingernail stay in 30 seconds and turn the bottle an entire round. Now take out your finger.

To remove glitter nail polish.

4. Put your fingernail in the bottle for one minute.
5. Turn the bottle an entire round in one direction and then turn it a in the other direction.
6. Repeat steps two to five, if necessary.

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