Drop Dry Nail polish Dryer FABY 15 ml

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Need it fast?
Need it easy?

This is it.
This is for you.

It dries your nail polish…
In minutes!


It treats your cuticles too.


This nail polish dryer contains Inca Inchi oil…
And vitamin E.

This combination makes sure…
That your cuticles stay healthy.

Unlike others!

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This nail polish dryer is from FABY.

Yes, it means that this product is made for professional use…
As well as home use.

Exactly, you can get it for yourself.

It not only works in minutes.
It also…
Treats your cuticles.

With what?

With vitamin E and Inca Inchi oil.

What does this combination do?
It moisturizes.
It dries your nail polish.
And treats your cuticles.

You just have to love this!

Facts about Drop Dry Nail Polish

– The oils name is Inca Inchi
– Has vitamin E
– Works in minutes
– Contains one cap
– And one pipette
– 15 ml liquid nail polish dryer

How to use Drop Dry Nail Polish

1. Apply the nail polish you want on your nails. With or without nail art.
2. Remove the cap from the bottle and replace it with the pipette.
3. Press the plastic on the top of the pipette and let it go. Now you will have some liquid in the pipette.
4. Drip one to three drops of the liquid nail polish dryer on your nail, depending on the size of your nail.
5. Distribute the liquid over the entire nail by tilting or shaking your fingertips.
6. Wait between five to ten minutes until your nail polish dries.

When done…

7. Remember to put the cap back on the bottle otherwise the liquid will evaporate.

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