Green Golecha Henna 25 gram

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This Henna is…
Fats dry.
And can be scrubbed off.

It looks almost like a real tattoo!

Use it on your nails…
Or your skin!

Make designs…
Write anything…
Make a drop.

Only you decide.

And remove it…
When you want to.

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This Golecha Henna is made of natural ingredients.
Meaning it is not dangerous.

It does not contain PPD or other dangerous ingredients.

Use it to make nail- or body art.

It gives color right away.
By adding a thin layer of henna.

Facts about Golecha Henna

– Gives color in an instant
– Water resistant
– 100% vegetable ingredients
– Halal-labeled
– On nails: Can be buffed off from your nails after one day
– On nails: The color under the henna will not completely disappear, until your nail is outgrown
– On skin: Can be scrubbed off after one day
– On skin: After scrubbing off the henna, the color on your skin will be gone usually within two weeks, depending on where you apply it
– Free from PPD

How to use Golecha Henna

Before using…

1. Put the Henna in the fridge for about one hour before use.
2. Clean your nails or skin, where you want to put the henna.
3. Take the whole cap off and remove the plastic. – This is only for the first time you use it.
4. Put the cap on again and remove the top part of the cap.

How to apply…

5. Carefully press out the henna and make the design you wish on your nails or skin.
6. If you make a mistake, remove the mistake with a cuticle pusher as soon as possible.
7. Let the henna dry for about 30 minutes to one hour.
8. Wash the henna off with water. Use as little shampoo or soap the first 24 hours, after applying.
9. You can put an oil or some cream on the henna, to enhance the color.

For a darker color…

10. Repeat step 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

To remove the henna…

12. From skin: Remove the henna by rubbing with water and shampoo.
13. From nails: Use a nail buffer to only buff the henna off or scrub the henna off with water and shampoo.

COUTION: If your skin or nails get irritated, remove the henna at once.

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