Heart Shaped Toe Separators Two Pieces

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Are you also…
Having a hard time…
Putting on nail polish…
On your toes?

Not to worry.
We are many.

These Toe Separators will make it easier for you.

Yes, to put on nail polish.
On your toes.

This way you will…
Finish sooner.
Be more precise.
Not flip out as much.

No need to hide it.
We now how you feel.

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These classical…
No, cuter.
Toe Separators.
Shaped as hearts.
In pink.

Easy to use.
So cute!

It is amazing how such a simple thing.
Can make such a difference.


Facts about Heart Shaped Toe Separators

– Four holes in each
– You get two toe separators
– Shaped as hearts
– Can be put together
– The color is pink
– Makes it easier to apply nail polish on your toes

How to use Heart Shaped Toe Separators

1. Put all of your toes, except your big toe into the holes.
2. File your nails to the shape you want.
3. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher.
4. Remove the almost transparent layer, on the nails, which grows from the cuticle.
5. Clean with a nail polish remover with a tissue. Do not use cotton.
6. Put on the nail polish you want.
7. Let the nail polish dry while your toes are still in the toe separator.

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