Misty Rose Base Coat Laushine Nail Polish 15 ml

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The color is…

Like the rare flower.
Only growing in the tropical mountains in Central- and South America.

This Base Coat helps you.
Keep your manicures.

It bonds your nail polish to your nails.
Keeps your nails from getting stained.

Even though…
Laushine Base Coat has almost no pigment.

It works!

Yes, you can wear it as is, too.

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One of the best!

Laushine nail polish is a high quality nail polish brand.

Oh, yes!

The bottle looks amazing.
And they look amazing on your nails too!

Laushine nail polish has better effect than most nail polishes.


If it is supposed to be matte, the matte effect is one of the best.

The Glossy is so gorgeous.
You almost want to eat it.
Please do not.

The nail polish is 3-Free.
Fast dry.

Amazing, I know.

They also care a great deal about the environment.

Facts about Misty Rose Laushine Base Coat Nail Polish

– Protects your nails from staining.
– Helps your nail polish and nail bond better.
– Lasts up to two weeks.
– Contains 15 ml.
– Free from DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. (Three-free)
– Approved by SGS and MSDS.
– Eco friendly.
– Wide brush.
– Fast dry.
– Contains one steel ball.

How to use Base Coat

Before you put on Base Coat.

1. Make sure the Base Coat is blend. If not, then do it.
2. File your nails in the shape you want.
3. Push back the cuticle a little bit.
4. Put on some makeup- or cuticle remover on the white/transparent layer, by the cuticle.
5. Leave it for 5 minutes or as instructed on the packing.
6. Take a cuticle pusher and carefully scrape the thin layer off. Be careful you do not damage your nail.
7. Remove it with a tissue.
8. Take another tissue and put on some nail polish remover. Use that to clean your nails, so you remove all oils and dirt.

Applying the Base Coat.

9. Take the brush out by leaning it to one side, in the bottle opening.
10. Put the brush just by the cuticle in the middle of your nail. Push it a little against the cuticle and pull down over the tip.
11. Make sure you never touch your skin. If you do, remove it instantly.
12. When your Base Coat is dry, you can put on the nail polish you want.

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