Nail Art Brushes 7 pcs

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Make nail art.

More beautiful…
More precise…
Than before.

It is easy!

No sweat.

This is how awesome nail art…
Comes to life!

It is not magic.
It is just your talent.

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Seven pieces of nail art brushes in one pack!

For both…
Professional and private use.

Their main purpose is to help you do nail art.

You can actually use them to paint on other surfaces too.

It is quality.


– For professional and private use.
– Contains 7 different brushes.

How to use Nail Art Brushes

1. Put a base color on your nails first.
2. Take the brush that is best suited for your nail art.
3. Dip a drop of nail polish or acrylic paint on some paper.
4. Now, dip the tip of the brush into the polish or paint.
5. Before it dries, paint on your nail.

If you used acrylic paint.

6. Remove the paint with water.

If you used nail polish.

7. Remove the polish by using an acetone free nail polish remover.

To finish your design.

8. Use a Glossy or Matte Top Coat, to protect your manicure and give it extra effect.

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