Neon Metal Studs Wheel – 2 shapes 6 colors | 230 pcs

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This is it.

This is for you who like to make everything pop.

These Neon Metal Studs…
Will make all your manicures pop.

You can just use a couple…
On one nail.

They are easy.

And they are so funky!

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Metal Studs are for you on the edge.

For you who dares.

You wear whatever you want.

They are not only cool.
They look amazing too!

They will make your manicure…

Only for the ones who dare.

To be on the edge.


– Contains 230 Neon Metal Studs.
– In shapes: square and circles.
– Colors: neon green, purple, neon orange, neon yellow, hot pink and light blue.

How to use Studs

1. As always, put on the base color, you want, on your nails.
2. Make sure your manicure is dry.
3. Dip the tip of your cuticle stick, dotting tool or the like, in clear nail polish.
4. Put a small drop of nail polish on your nail, where you want the Stud(s).
5. Before the polish dries, lift the Stud up and put it on your nail.

If you want it to last longer.

6. Seal off with a top coat. Do note that it will properly ruin the effect.

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