Neon Orange Glow in the Dark Laushine Nail Polish 15 ml

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So neon!
So popping!
So different!
So awesome!

You cannot miss this color.

It lights up…
Shows itself off.

Just like the neon signs…
In the nightlife.

You do not even have to make those hints…
In the dark or in the day.

The color is so neon, that everyone will notice it.

And yes…
It glows in the dark!

How awesome is that?!

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One of the best!

Laushine nail polish is a high quality nail polish brand.

The Glow in the Dark nail polish, is not so pigmented!

Oh, yes!

The bottle looks amazing.
And they look amazing on your nails too!

Laushine nail polish has better effect than most nail polishes.


The Glow in the Dark effect is one of the best.

So gorgeous.
You almost want to eat it.
Please do not.

The nail polish is 3-Free.
Fast dry.

Amazing, I know.

They also care a great deal about the environment.

Facts about Laushine Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

– Rough and kind of matte surface.
– Yes, it does glow in the dark.
– Lasts up to one week.
– Contains 15 ml.
– Free from DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. (Three-free)
– Approved by SGS and MSDS.
– Eco friendly.
– Wide brush.
– Fast dry.
– Contains one steel ball.

How to use Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

1. First, prepare your nails by shaping them right, push your cuticles back and clean them with nail polish remover.

If you want your manicure to last longer…

2. Then apply a base coat and a glossy nail polish.

If you want the Glow in the Dark nail polish color to pop.

3. Apply a white glossy nail polish before the Glow in the Dark.

Now for the Glow in the Dark polish.

4. Apply two to five thin layers of Glow polish on each layer.
5. Make sure each layer it dry before you apply the new one.

To finish the manicure…

6. Simply apply an awesome top coat and let it dry.

To see the glowing effect…

7. Hold your nails under an UV-light, sunlight or other kind of sharp light in about 30 seconds, depending on how much glow polish you put on. Your nails will amazingly light up in the dark.

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