Pink Flower Designer 3D Nail Wraps 16 pcs

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This elegant flower…
Can make any manicure stand out.

It is simple.

Just put it on one nail and you are good to go.


Black background.
Because it is elegant.

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These are the Designer 3D Nail Wraps.

Not only can you get these in different designs but they also have the 3D effect.


It will look like you actually have real crystals or rhinestones on your nails.

They are so smart!

You can cut them or use them just as they are.

They are fast!


Everyone else will think you have used so much time on your nails.

And the most amazing thing…

They do not damage your nails, at all.



– Lasts up to one week.
– Eight different sizes.
– 16 pieces in one pack.
– Can be used on finger- and toe nails.
– For those with nail polish allergies.

How to use 3D Nail Wraps

1. File your nails so they have the same shape and are free from any notches.
2. Push back your cuticles, just a little bit, with a cuticle pusher.
3. Remove oils and bacteria from your nails with a good nail polish remover.
4. Optional: Put nail polish on your nails.
5. Find the size that fits your nail the best and cut it out from the sheet.
6. Cut the Nail Wrap if you want to.
7. Put the Nail Wrap on your nail and cut off the excess, from the tip.
8. Carefully file the Nail Wraps downwards over the tip, until they are equal.
9. Apply a Top Coat to get the Nail Wraps to last longer.

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