Rainbow Drops 1 Rhinestone Wheel – 12 colors 2 mm | 1,200 pcs

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These Rhinestones.
The Rainbow Drops.

Are just amazing.

High quality.
Amazing colors.

One of a kind Rhinestone Wheel.

They not only look amazing.
They make you feel amazing too.

Who said to only use one color at a time?
You can use them all.

It is truly up to you.

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Rhinestones are to make any manicure.
More elegant.

They do it with such ease.
It is unbelievable.

Just try it.

Be it a simple manicure.
One with nail art.

They are easy to use.

They just make your life easier.

With these.
Elegance does come easier.


– Contains 1,200 Rhinestones.
– All sizes are in 2 mm.
– Colors are light purple, blue, black, orange, purple, light pink, green, light blue, clear, red, light green and light pink.

How to use Rhinestones

1. As always, put on the base color, you want, on your nails.
2. Make sure your manicure is dry.
3. Dip the tip of your cuticle stick, dotting tool or the like, in clear nail polish.
4. Put a small drop of nail polish on your nail, where you want the Rhinestone(s).
5. Before the polish dries, lift the Rhinestone up and put it on your nail.

If you want it to last longer.

6. Seal off with a top coat. Do note that it will properly ruin the effect.

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