Small Cuticle Pusher in Wood 75 mm

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Do you want…
Your nails to look healthier?
Your nail polish to last longer?


Then just use this Cuticle Pusher.

How you think?

When you use this to…
Push back your cuticles.
Remove the almost transparent layer.

Your nail polish will last longer.

Want to know why?

The reason is…
That without cleaning them.
Moist gets under the nail polish.
Causing it to get loose and start to peel off.

That is why you need a Cuticle Pusher!

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This Cuticle Pusher is completely made out of wood.


It is the most important nail care tool.

Using this right…
Will help your manicure last longer.
Your nails look amazingly groomed.

You can do a lot more with it!

Facts about Cuticle Pusher in Wood

– 75 mm
– Made of wood
– Has a pointy and a flat side
– Can push your cuticles back
– Can lift up stickers, rhinestones and studs

How to use Cuticle Pusher in Wood

To push your cuticles…

1. Use an oil, cuticle cream or makeup remover to make your cuticles moist.
2. Gently push back your cuticles slightly. Never push so much that your cuticle lifts up.
3. Scrape the excess and almost transparent layer off, gently.
4. Remove the excess.

For lifting up rhinestones or studs.

5. Put on some Base- or Top Coat on a plate or the like.
6. Dip the pointy side in the clear polish and put a drop on your nail.
7. Now lift up the rhinestone or stud up with it and put it on the nail.

For lifting up a sticker.

8. Gently press the pointy side under the side of your sticker.
9. Lift the sticker up and put it on your nail.

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