Sweet Orange mini Hexagon Glitter 0.6 mm – 2 gram

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So fresh!

This amazing color.
Can swag up any manicure!

Use it on dark.
Light nail polish.

It will look great either way.

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Glitter can turn a boring color to something amazing.

With just a couple of glitters.


Use one…
The whole bottle.

Just remember that glitter can always save you.

No matter where you are going!


– Contains Hexagon glitters 0,6 mm
– Also contains mini glitters

How to use Hexagon Glitter

1. Start by putting nail polish on your nails.
2. Pour some of the glitter out on some paper or the like.
3. Put a drop of Top Coat beside the glitter.
4. Dip the tip of your cuticle pusher or a toothpick in the Top Coat and use it to lift one glitter at a time.

If you want to fill out the whole nail with glitter.

5. Do a stroke of the Top Coat, on your nail.
6. Put one glitter on the nail at a time, before the Top Coat dries.
7. Repeat step 5 and 6, until your nail is covered.

If you just want a couple of glitters on your nail.

8. Put a Top Coat on your whole nail or where you want to put the glitter.
9. Before the Top Coat dries, put the glitters you want on.

If you want to cover the whole nail with glitter.

10. Cover your whole nail with Top Coat and put your finger over some paper.
11. Pour the glitter over your nail, until it is fully covered.
12. Gently press the glitter on your nail with a stick or the like.


13. To finish off leave it as is or seal off with a Top Coat. The Top Coat might ruin the glitter effect.

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