Whitening Quick off Nail Polish Remover Delicate Touch Acetone free 125 ml

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This is for you.

Uses a lot of nail polish.

You might change it a lot.
You might just wear it all the time.

Yes, it sounds like you just might be…
Addicted to nail polish.
You might just want.
Whiter natural nails.

It does not matter.
As long as you want whiter nails.

This is for you.
You need it.

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Amazing nail polish remover from Delicate Touch.

Instead of giving you yellow nails.
It helps maintain the white natural look.
Your nails really have.

It is effective too.
In removing nail polish that is.

If you like your nails to look more…
And healthy.

This nail polish remover is for you.

Do note…
That it is not a miracle nail polish remover.
So it can take several times.
To remove the yellowness.
From your nails.

Facts about Whitening Quick off Nail Polish Remover

– Has a whitening effect on your nails
– Contains 125 ml nail polish remover
– Is acetone free
– Works quickly

How to use Liquid Nail Polish remover

1. Of course, you will remove the cap first.
2. Put a cotton ball on the top of the bottle and hold it with your finger.
3. Tilt the bottle so its bottom is up until you can feel some nail polish remover on the cotton ball.
4. Press the cotton ball on your nail for 30 to 60 seconds. If you need to, you can tape it or use aluminum foil to hold it in place.
5. Now, press down on the cotton and push it over your nails tip.
6. Repeat step two to five, if needed.

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