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General questions


When will you ship my parcel?
We ship you parcel as soon as possible.

If you place your order before 2 PM or 14.00 on a workday, we will ship your parcel the same day.

If you order later, then we will ship the next workday.

Need more information?

Check out our shipping policy, now!
Can I sign up for your newsletter?
Yes, of course!

Just go to our newsletter page and sign up!

So easy…
Just click here to go to our newsletter.
Are you on social media?

We have many:

- Facebook: Just like our page! 
- Instagram: Follow us!
- YouTube: Subscribe! 
- Our blog: Read! 
- Snapchat: Snap with us! @X2Nails
- Google+: Yes, we actually have it!
- Linkedin: Looking for a job or internship? 

Where do I pay?

It is really easy.

1. Click on your shopping basket in the right top corner.
2. Choose the button: Checkout
3. Fill out your information
4. Choose your payment option.
5. Follow the instructions
6. Check mark the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions
7. Click on: Continue to payment

Easy, isn’t it?

Not in stock, when will you have it back in stock?
If it doesn’t say on the product page, when the product will be in stock, you can write to us, and ask.
How do I order a product, which is not in stock?
You cannot order a products, which is not in stock.


You can sign up for a reminder, by contacting us or by writing yourself up for a reminder on the products page.
What is included in my parcel?
Uh… this is exciting!

The usual parcel will include:

- Your products
- An invoice
- Product guides
- A card from us
- A surprise smell
- And maybe a gift



Product questions


How do I get my nail polish to last longer?
Hafsa, our CEO, has written a nail guide where you can see 7 of the biggest mistakes most of us makes, when we start using nail polish.

You can also see how you can get your nail polish to last longer.

Get is here.

Where does your products come from?
Our nail polish comes directly from the manufacturer.

All of the other products we sell are either from our trustworthy suppliers.

Some of them are resellers and other are manufactures.

All our products complies with the EU-laws.

We do not sell any kind of counterfeit products.
What does it mean for my manicure, if I do not take care of my nails?
It means, that your nail polish will not be able to last as long as the nail polish actually can.

So you need to take care of your nails.

Make a routine.

See how to actually take care of your nails in this video.

My nails are constantly breaking, what should I do?
You need to start taking good care of your nails.

The miracle is in this video.

How do I use the products?
All products are different and they of course are used differently.

Therefore, we will always send you a product guide, with each of your products, so you will know, hos to use them.

We also have a product guide page, where you can see all the different guides for each product.




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We are available Mondays to Sundays between 10 AM and 9 PM (CEST +2/CET +1).
Call us
If you would like to talk with us, you can call at +45 81918000. Tuesdays to Fridays from 11.30 AM to 2 PM (CEST +2/CET +1).