Terms & Conditions

1. Terms
2. Disagreement
3. Product guides
4. Copyright
5. Shipping policy
6. The risk of the parcel
7. Discount codes
8. Free gifts
9. Prices
10. Payment
11. Warranty
12. Withdrawal right
13. Complaints
14. Inspection
15. Privacy policy
16. Cookie policy
17. Advertising protection


This page is serious.

I mean… They all are serious.

You should always read this.

It is usually very boring…


It is important.

All the terms and conditions on this page are valid for all purchases between you and X2Nails.

Unless… anything else is agreed upon by you and X2Nails.
And remember, the agreement has to be in writing!


Not that it should happen.
But it might.

In case of a disagreement between you as a customer and X2Nails that cannot be solved with these terms and conditions, the Danish law and regulations will be used to solve the disagreement.

We really hope it will never be necessary.

We really do!



Completely free product guides!

We have made it easy for you to use our products.

That being said.

We will not only send you a guide with each product but the products guides are also available under each product and on the page: Product guides

These are of course on our website www.X2Nails.com.

Do notice that the product guides are only guides.
And the most products can be used in many different ways.

Using them irresponsibly is your own responsibility.


For further information or advice, you are welcome to contact us.


If you do not know…

Then all our products, texts, pictures, videos and more.
Are all copyrighted!

If you want to read about our copyright.

Just click go to X2Nails’ copyright page.


We ship ship…
Your orders!

We ship ship…
To different countries!

Depending on what country you live in you will have the available options.
For your country of course!

It would not really be smart to give you options, which are available for another country.


You should see out shipping policy.
Maybe we do not even ship to your country…

Go and check out our shipping policy.

It is.


If you choose the shipping option, letter.
The risk is transferred to you, as soon as we deliver the parcel at the postal office.

The above is only relevant for customers with Danish addresses.


The below is for all our customers!

Yes, you too!

The risk of the parcel is transferred to you, when the parcel is delivered:

1. From the postal office to you.
2. At your address.

As soon as it is transferred to you.
You are responsible for the parcel.

If you damage the parcel in anyway after the risk transfer, you are accountable for it.

It is pretty normal
But just to clarify. 


We do not really give discount codes.
But that does not mean that we do not at all.

We do.

Just sometimes.

They will always have different expiration dates.

If you do not use it before the date, it will no longer work.

How you use it, is…
By writing your discount code in the box for additional information.

The box is placed to the right if you are on your computer screen.

If you are on your smartphone, then it will come after your address fields.

And then…

After you have written your discount code and paid for your order.
We will manually give you the discount.

Do note, that you will not be able to see the discount while placing the order.


If we offer free gifts or tests, which you can add to your order by yourself, you will be able to see them as a category for itself.

It sometimes happens, that we run out of a certain product.

If that happens, we will just send you another product.

There will be some requirement to get that product for free.

It will appear on the product page.

Just remember to read it!

Yes, read.

Well… if you do not, we will inform you, that your order does not meet the requirements and the free product will be removed from your order.

Your order will be send as planned.

So simple.


Well… we cannot give everything out for free.

Even though you would love it.

And we know it.

All the displayed prices on www.X2Nails.com are in euros.

And they are included Danish VAT.

Which is on 25%.

High, we know.
But we have to obey the law.


You can pay with numerous credit cards in our shop.

We also take:

- Paypal
- Bank transfer.
- Mobilepay


We never take any extra charges on your credit card.

You only pay for the shipping and your order.

Nice, right?


We do recommend you make sure that everything is all right when you receive your order.

Yes, we do!

If there is anything, you should contact us as soon as possible.
After reading our return policy.


It is a right.
And you have it.

You can read our return policy.
To know, how you use it.


This is something strange.

A law from EU that all online stores have to comply with.


If you want to complain over a product bought from us.

Do note, that we do not support this complaint portal.

We would rather resolve any issue we have with you ourselves.


We have to inform you of it.


If you live in an EU-country you have to claim through the EU-commissions online complaint portal.
Through http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

You have to use our e-mail, contact@X2Nails.com for the complaint.  

If you live in Denmark, you can complain through Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for klageløsning, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby.

You are supposed to go through www.forbrug.dk.


We inspect all products and orders, before we pack and send them out.

But it if does happen that you receive a product with damage, you should return the product as soon as possible.

Do remember to read our return policy first.


It is a very serious business.
This privacy policy thing.

You need to know about it.

Therefore we have written an easy to understand privacy policy.


Cookies are so important, for online shops.
Therefore, you also have to know what each website uses this information for.

You should always know what you can be exposed to.

Even if you are not sure about cookie policy.


We do not want any offers!

No matter how great you think they are.

Therefore, we are protected by the Danish reklamebeskyttelse, in English it is advertising protection.

We have been protected by it since X2Nails was established.

So, please do not send us any kind of offers.
Either on phone or e-mail.

If you do.
We will report you and you will be punished according to the CVR-law act §19 and §22.

If you have any questions, you can see our Q&A or contact us.